How to shoot a rifle without shooting your eye out


How To Shoot A Rifle Without Taking Your Eye Out

As you read the title of this article, you probably are immediately reminded of the movie, “A Christmas Story,” where the little boy named, Ralphie, nearly shoots his eye out as he learn to shoot a rifle.

To avoid a reenactment of “A Ralphie,” these few tips will ensure that your eyes stay in tact, people around you are safe, and mostly of all, you don’t harm yourself.

Tip X: Don’t take for granted the safety feature. Often, a beginner will believe that the “safety” could never malfunction. This is putting a lot of blinded trust into a feature that could hurt or kill someone. We recommend always pointing the gun downward and away from people who surround you.

Tip Y: Follow through with your shot, like it is a Basketball. Yes, if you follow through by focusing mentally, and relaxing physically… you will find shooting a rifle is much easier. Imagine making impact with your target, picture it, want it, and as you visualize that image in your head release the shot. Keep your head down and aligned together with the stock throughout the shot.

Tip Z: When you are looking to fire a rifle, you should square up your stance. Square your shoulders up with target. In a straight line, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and with your strong foot six inches behind your weak foot.
Next, place the buttstock of your rifle near the centerline with the rifle higher up on your chest and keep your elbows down. Pull.

Conclusion: By using these three tips and doing a little research in how to handle your rifle safely and efficiently, you will soon know how to fire a rifle in no time!